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Fed skipping—but not stopping—rate hikes

The Federal Reserve decided not to raise rates in September—but the war on inflation is far from over. In this Q&A with BOK Financial Chief Investment Officer Brian Henderson, we explore what’s happening in the economy, including higher gas prices, the latest Fed moves and what may be ahead.

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The upside of higher interest rates

When people talk about interest rates moving higher, they often think about the negative impact on borrowers. Still, there is a positive impact on savers who put money away in short-term savings vehicles like CDs, traditional savings accounts and money market funds. BOK Financial Chief Investment Strategist Steve Wyett explains.

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    Slower growth ahead

    Economic growth in the fourth quarter likely will be slower than in the third—but, how much slower and why? BOK Financial CIO Brian Henderson explains.

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    2023 Midyear Market Outlook

    The BOK Financial investment management team has prepared an outlook on key issues impacting the economy and financial markets for the rest of the year.

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The upside of higher interest rates

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